Halloween sexy contest

Vote for my Halloween contest pictures and receive the whole set of pictures

So i am present on a contest and i wish to win, i don’t know why guys are voting only for fat asses 🙁

And that would be very nice of you to  make a little vote to me,  I would would be so happy and i would s send you a big big reward gallery. 🙂

So it is free, very easy and it will take a few minut to you and you will see some nice ladies (But you vote for me)


How to vote for me and get your reward gallery :

*************** Edit *************

Hello all, Sorry to tell you that I canceled My participation to the Halloween contest event. Some voters reported me that the contest wasn’t regular, some girls were Favorited by the site and it was almost impossible to vote the other ones (including me). Even worse, I noticed that votes haven’t been counted or I can’t relate. I will manage to proceed sending to the ones who voted for me as far as i can find em. And the last thing is that some tried to fake me telling they did vote but it wasn’t true (pitiful) So very sorry, This contest was a mess but i will organize another event soon, a not faked one. Many thank’s to the voters anyway.

*************** Edit *************



Look this is my contribution :

You will recognize my profile photo :


Then press vote!

i will automatically receive a message telling “xxx’ has voted for you and i will reward you with a little link in your private message.

Attention : You need to register on site in order to vote and get the free gallery i offer to you as reward for your vote!

A full gallery

150 photos and some short vids!


For my voters



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