young sexy real silicon doll

I will dress up your silicon doll 🤸‍♀️👙😈

New on, by this summer i will provide outfits and underwear especially for your silicon love doll. I will afford a big choice of clothes and panties for xs and  xxs dolls, you will have choice between new and worn  thongs and undies from my personal closet and also my schoolgirl uniforms from last school years and your doll will look even more real.

Hello and welcome if you are a new guy in there.

I am really glad to tell you that I will enlarge my activities, in addition to the sale of used panties and thongs, i will now provide sexy underwear  and outfits for your silicon love doll, I will be guided by the wise advice of an expert in matter of silicon love dolls, Mister Leonzio, owner of

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Oh look it’s me!

👉Hopefully, my measurements are matching with dolls 145/155 cm (4,75722/5,0853 ft) regardless of the breasts 🤔  you can see how 145/155 cm silicon dolls looks like on real love doll website

I will tell you more about this activity very soon, while waiting for some more information, you can already wander in my shop and visit my showroom, see the links at the top of this page.


I dress up your silicon love doll and you undress her… deal?

🤸‍♂️Visit real love doll for photos on information about silicon dolls.

Ah I almost forgot, you can ask me questions using the chat window or better, register to my site and talk with me with the internal private messenger.


i sell my personnal panties

I sell my panties freshly used

I know that you, guys like to touch and smell freshly used panties… c’m on don’t lie, i know many men panties fetishists, there is no shame to appreciate some panties smelling fresh young girl pussy (yes I am a fresh young girl)

We all have fantasies, there is no shame. Me, I like to see a man ejaculating in my panties, so why would we stay frustrated, let have fun and fuck morality…

So here is the set of panties I can afford now

Satursday April 28th : Attention, new collection of panties to come today, will be online soon.

Panties for sell


So do you want to get my panties ?

Contact me using the form bellow i will get in touch with you at once i receive your message!

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