Special Xmas 2019


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With this package you will get access to the 2019 Pink Christmas club; Kinky Christmas Videos; a custom video request; panties; chat (I wish online cam too); free tokens; personalized gifts maybe ?; quality time and surprises!

This is a private event, limited to 30 guests.

Note : In order to avoid mistakes, I really recommend you to contact me on kik/Telegram: jannairets before purchasing.

Full description  :

  • 2019 Pink Christmas club : a private part of the site, reserved to this event.
  • a custom video request : a custom video request up to ten minutes non exclusive.
  • Kinky Christmas Videos : All video requests will be posted on the wall of the actual event (club) and viewable by every guest.
  • panties : a coupon for 50 % off on customized panties.
  • chat (I wish online cam too)
  • free tokens :
  • personalized gifts.

Note that I also expect to show some preview of B/G videos but i can’t promise for the moment.

Look at the information below for instructions and information about the unfolding.

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Unfolding  :

1 – At once you validate your order, you will automatically have a new subscription (click Menu:Explore then locate “your subscriptions” on the page).

2 – on December 1st, you will receive an invitation to the 2019 Christmas club.

Validity and Deadlines :

  • The deadline for purchasing a subscription is December 15th or if it’s out of stock.
  • Deadline for custom video requests is December 20th.
  • The validity of your subscription (Blog posts and information) ends on January 31
  • Your club access (where the content is) is lifetime.

Instructions for subscription :

Important  : for discretion purpose, the subscription process is semi-automatic and it is not connected to any payment processor.

First Make sure you are  registered and loged in mademoisellekitten.com so the subscripion process will work and you will receive your welcome tokens.

  1. click “add to cart”on the actual product page;
  2. then on the cart page, enter your Christmas coupon code* / apply coupon/ update card
  3. on the checkout page chose bitcoin (1) or kittenCoins.

Yes but….

“Yes but not everybody got KittenCoins, neither bitcoin so uh, what can I do?”

Thank’s for asking! If you don’t already have KittenCoins and you don’t use bitcoins, you can get some KittenCoins on IndieBill with credit card (2) ; or on PolyAlpha (3) with paypal / cash app.

In every case, you can also contact me If you need help, if you want to use any other payment mean, or just to talk about it.

*I’ll send a coupon code to the loyal customers on kik or telegram soon.

(1) Choosing bitcoin payment will display a temporary bitcoin payment address  dedicated to your order.

(2) IndieBill is a discreet and reliable payment processor for adult services.

(3) Polyalpha is a gateway for Freelancers where you can buy a giftcard with Paypal or Cashapp.


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