I sell my 15 YO cotton panties (SOLD)


Cute personal  black panties for sale.

I sell this panties for a connoisseur,
Warning: this is not a new panty she has already served and there is only one copy for sale


Out of stock


I’m selling these panties, she’s been serving for years years since i was 15YO and now it’s time for her to retire and end her life in  the hands of a happy collector.
These are simple white cotton panties, light and fine, very soft to the touch.



Additional information


xxs, 15 yo


Instructions for purchasing
1 payment:

Send 25 Euros (about $ 30) using the paypal link below:

{} paypal link
2 contact me:

then contact me to finalize the sale and discuss a little.

skype email and hangout: lilibend78@gmail.com

kik / snapshat:
kik / snapshat :


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