i sell my used thongs


Mademoisellekitten is now fully bitcoin compliant

All my sweet kinky services are availlable for bitcoin purchase in one click on the online shop by 2020/01/01

How to purchase using bitcoin on mademoisellekitten.com?

It’s easy to purchase kinky services on Mademoisellekitten.com using bitcoins, thank’s for asking. I afford two possibilities:

  • Fast services (1) – You can get Items (2) and / or tip me directly online using bitcoin
  • Wise (3) – You can purchase a pack of KittenCoin now and spend them on any Item whenever you want.
  • Fast Video purchase Watch my videos online or get a video plan.
  • (1) You can enjoy your item directly once the payment processed,
  • (2) in case you order a service like sexting or such, you must care to contact me before and make sure I am available and I agree your request.
  • (3) every pack of tokens comes with some extra tokens (up to 30%), once purchased, your new amount of tokens is frozen, no matter bitcoin raises or declines.


Click here to visit my Kinky kitten shop

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