Get ready for 2019 Pink Christmas

I wanted since a long time to set up a kind of extra event with you, so I am doing it now!

It will not be any event, because December 2019 is not any date. will be two years old in December!

  • It’s my twentieth Christmas!
  • we will also fest the second anniversary of
  • It will be a new start for this site to a new kind of sexy journey

And overall, it is the right moment to make something with the special ones whom accompanied me since a while.

So what’s the program?

Videos; panties; chat (I wish online cam too); free tokens; personalized gifts maybe ?; quality time and surprises…

Click here to see details

It’s not an event for money, as Christmas is mostly family gifts time; so I make a special mini mini price and I give priority to the loyal ones.

The curent price is $30 for subscription + $70 for all the stuff = $100

White Christmas list $30 (subscription fee only)

Contact me on kik/telegram : jannairets

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Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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