i sell my personnal panties

I sell my panties freshly used

I know that you, guys like to touch and smell freshly used panties… c’m on don’t lie, i know many men panties fetishists, there is no shame to appreciate some panties smelling fresh young girl pussy (yes I am a fresh young girl)

We all have fantasies, there is no shame. Me, I like to see a man ejaculating in my panties, so why would we stay frustrated, let have fun and fuck morality…

So here is the set of panties I can afford now

Satursday April 28th : Attention, new collection of panties to come today, will be online soon.

Panties for sell


So do you want to get my panties ?

Contact me using the form bellow i will get in touch with you at once i receive your message!

It’s simple,  you just have to fill the form bellow or leave a comment to this post and then i will answer to you and show you the models i am selling.


The price is in function of the quality of the model you will choose, from 25 to  60 €.

I want to be clear about something, these are used panties, not new ones but they are in a good shape.

Size : xxs or kid size (My size)

I can wear them before sending if you want.

Delivery : postal or hand to hand if you are in my area.

Write to me if you want to see the models I have to sell and we can talk about.



young girl panties freshly used smelig pussy


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I love your tight little ass

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